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Services and Fees

How it works

Since most of my clients are minors I like to have an initial session with the parent or guardian.  This can be with or without client.  This initial session allows me to get a sense of the family dynamic and the presenting issues.  After the initial session I will work solo with the client while including the parent at intervals.  I firmly believe in confidentiality, but I also feel that transparency is what heals families.  Therefore, I will encourage the client to have open communication with their parent whenever possible.

Sessions are via Skype or phone, although I prefer Skype—at least at first.

Please call me at (619) 377-4142 or email me at ana@teenlifecoach.ME with your full name and a few times that work for you for the initial parent session.  We can either Skype or speak on the phone.  Please let me know your preference. After the initial parent session we can communicate via email as well.

How to pay:

I accept payment through Paypal.  If this isn’t possible for you, please email me at ana@teenlifecoach.ME to discuss other options.


25 minutes…….$60

55 minutes……$120


Parent Communication

25 minutes…….$60




Six 25 minute sessions………$340

Six 55 minute sessions………$680

*Sliding scale fee option when available


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