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Why Online Counseling?

With our fast-paced lives, I wanted to create a service that was convenient and easily accessible.  Here are some of the benefits of online life coaching and counseling:

-You don’t have to go anywhere!  It can be hard for parents to chauffeur kids to all of their extra-curriculars and appointments; not to mention the time and money spent taking off work.  Your child can have a counseling session from the comfort of home.

-Ease of communication.  Let’s face it, teens are very comfortable online.  Why not adapt ourselves for their benefit.  I admit, I am more of a face-to-face kind of person, but I can’t tell you the number of times a young person has told me about their “friend in Finland (Florida, Sweden, Australia…).”  If this is how they can most easily and freely communicate, then why not embrace it!

-Adolescents are naturally less communicative with adults.  For better or for worse, the veil of the computer or phone gives just enough anonymity for a teen to be able to open up more.  If there is less of a chance of running into their counselor in public, all the better ;-).

-Flexibility of time. We can schedule appointments day or night at a mutually agreeable time.